Every summer season, Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill in Ocean City, MD goes all out with their Macky’s Theme Nights. Before you pack your suitcases for summer vacation in Ocean City, MD, you might want to take a look at Macky’s Theme Night schedule for the year so you can plan accordingly. The team here at ShoreBread has even added a few suggestions for what to wear each night.

  1. May 30th’s theme is OC Tourist Night so grab your tropical shirts, visors, and sunglasses to enjoy all things Ocean City. Throw in a fanny pack if you’re feeling especially festive!
  2. A Mardi Gras theme night will take place on June 30th this summer, so pack your beads, masks and party hats because Macky’s in OCMD is bringing the party from New Orleans to our favorite beach city!
  3. If you’re proud to be a resident of Maryland, it’s State Pride Night, grab your Maryland flag-printed attire and celebrate the state known for our favorite Maryland crabs on June 13th!
  4. If you have leftover superhero costumes from Halloween (or just happen to have one in your closet, we’re not judging), we suggest you pack that before you travel down to Ocean City, MD because June 20th is Superhero Night.
  5. Grab your hula skirts! June 27th is Luau night! Tikis, coconuts and floral shirts are a must when attending this tropical event.
  6. Are you visiting OCMD for Independence Day? Celebrate the Fourth of July for Red-White-Blue night at Macky’s Bar and Grill. Pack your flags and any patriotic colored fashion you can find.
  7. There are plenty of fans that attend the Redneck Bal on July 11thl, and no we’re not talking about an actual ball with gowns and fancy attire, but you should break out your flannels, cowboy hats and cut off jean shorts to experience the ultimate rodeo.
  8. If you mustache this question, the Mustache Bash will take place on June 18th at Macky’s Bar and Grill. Make sure to start growing your mustache now or you’ll be stuck with the stick on kind!
  9. Take a Dive Under the Sea on July 25th, you might even run into a mermaid, Nemo, or Spongebob himself!
  10. August 1st is the night to bring out your creative abilities. If you don’t know what ABC Night is, It stands for Anything But Clothes. There are plenty ideas for this night weather you want to make an outfit out of duct tape, trash bags, or a dress out of boxes there are plenty of options for this theme night!
  11. Let’s take a trip to the 90s! 90s Theme Night will take place on August 8th at Macky’s. If you’ve had some of your favorite clothing stuffed away in the back of your closet hoping it would come back in style, then you’re in luck! Or, if you want to break out the boy band t-shirts from old concerts you attended, like the Backstreet Boys, this is the perfect night for you!
  12. Tigers, Lions and Bears, oh my! Welcome to the Jungle night at Macky’s are calling all animals to attend this fierce event on August 15th.
  13. Calling all sports fans! August 22nd is Sports Theme Night at Macky’s Bar and Grill. Whether you want to wear your favorite team jersey or dress up like a football player, soccer player or even a badminton player, put your game face on for this themed event.
  14. Who wouldn’t want to wear their pajamas in public?! The last theme night of this season is Pajama Jammy Jam where you can dance the night away comfortably in your PJs! Onesies are definitely a must when attending Macky’s Pajama Jammy Jam!

No matter what night you attend, when you visit Macky’s Bar and Grill in OCMD for Tuesday Theme Parties, you are guaranteed a fun time! For more information on these events visit www.mackys.com