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Audience Description: ShoreBread entices, engages, and reaches a wide range of readers daily, with a following that leans heavier on the female side (64% female to 36% male). According to our Google Analytics, 22% of viewers are in the 25-34 age range, with 11% in the 18-24 age range, and 20% in the 35-44 & 45-54 age ranges. Geographically, 35% of our pageviews come from readers in Maryland, followed by 12% in D.C., 9% in Pennsylvania, and 7% in both Virginia and Delaware.

Statistics and Rankings: On average, we maintain upwards of 10,000 visitors to the website each month and over 20,000 page views per month.

Ad Specifications & Rates: Currently, we are offering four options for ad space on the homepage of ShoreBread:

  1. Standard banner ad along both the bottom of the homepage and along the bottom of articles – 417×254. Rate is $200 per month for combo (ads on bottom of both homepage and article).
  2. Standard ad space along the right hand side – max width is 390. Rate is $100 per month.
  3. Featured ad space/sponsored content to be included in the header display of articles (located at the top of the homepage) – 250×250. Rate is $100 per month.
  4. Sponsored content embedded in the homepage – to appear as an article and to remain fixed on the homepage for one month (all other articles rotate out after a few days). Rate is $500 and also includes additional social media promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Rate is $500.

We reserve the right for final creative say on all ads, so that they correlate well with the ShoreBread brand and color schemes. For more information, contact us at


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