Do you ever reminisce about being a kid where life was simple and full of fun times? Where the only stress you had was making sure your parents didn’t catch you staying up past your bedtime? Some might say that generations today are too wrapped up in technology, with eyes glued to cell phones. It seems like we sometimes forget what being a kid is all about and how to to actual live life to the fullest!

Tinkergarten is giving everyone a wake-up call on what being a kid is all about. If you haven’t heard of Tinkergarten, this organization is bringing a huge and positive impact to families and children in the local communities to create inclusive spaces which makes individuals feel valued while developing life skills. This is accomplished by creating joyful, memorable and educational play experiences outdoors. Their goal is for children across the country to drive their own learning.

Tinkergarten based in Northampton, MA is spread across 48 states in the US. Classes are offered for children to learn all kinds of skills such as problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity! These are available for all kids ranging from eighteen months to eight years old.

Tinkergarten believes humans young and old are hard-wired to teach and learn together, so why not create an organization where youngsters can do just that?! Offered in the Summer and Autumn seasons, there are lessons and engaging scenarios given to the young participants so they can direct their own play, of course, with their parent’s support and observation.

Not only is this a great experience for the kids, but it’s and excellent way to for adults to honor their kids’ exploration and playful learning. Tinkergarten believes parents are the most important teachers in their child’s life so Mom and Dad can make sure their child can build the foundation of their own learning experience.

To name a few, Tinkergarten notes some important skills that all kids should acquire throughout their childhood and can be accomplished through fun activities:


Our senses such as seeing, feeling, listening and speaking are tuned and integrated leading a better learning experience to children.

Motor Skills 

While exploring nature, little ones can obtain gross motor and fine motor skills.

Focus and Self Control

When children are invited to solve problems, this makes their focus and self control skills stronger.

Self Reliance

We all fail and succeed in life so this teaches a child to believe his effort was his own.

Creativity and Imagination

The chance to make, explore and tinker with true freedom allows unlimited creativity.

Better your little one’s childhood! You now know how beneficial this is for your child’s development of skills. It’s a great way to get out of the house and interact with earth’s nature. For more information on Tinkergarten, check out their site here!