We’ve all heard about becoming a foster parent to precious pups and felines all over the Eastern Shore, but have you ever wanted to become a foster parent to a HORSE? Yes, that’s right, you can adopt a horse without having to purchase a stable, food, and other necessary needs to take care of these beautiful stallions. We know that can cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time. The good news is, you can foster these beautiful mammals without having to do all of the dirty work.

We’re not horsin’ around!

The Assateague Island Alliance has created a new and innovative way to support and take better care of these cute trotters throughout the Assateague Island National Seashore just by the click of a button. They explain, “By becoming a foster parent, you are directly involved in preserving one of America’s most loved wildlife treasures and their survival in one of our most fragile natural resources.”

Get Fosterin’

How can you take action, you ask? Make sure you start out by visiting the page here and take a gander at all of the different breeds that are on the shore of Assateague Island. From Bays to Blacks to Foals, and more! Not only are they one of the most beautiful mammals to ever live in Assateague, but they have the most adorable names! Sir Gruff, Dr. Jay, and Bella-Boo are some to name a few.

After you send a donation to a horse of your choosing, you will receive a deluxe package on all things you need to know about your new foster-horse from photos, a detailed biography, and a map indicating the whereabouts of your horse and where he or she likes to reside. The great thing about becoming a foster parent to one of these majestic animals is your donation is preserving their survival in one of Assateague’s natural resources.

Find Out More…

For more information on becoming a foster parent to Assateague’s horses, contact the Assateague Island Alliance or visit their website by clicking the link here!