Ahhhh the holidays! The most wonderful time of year is finally here: crisp cool mornings, decorating your cozy home with festive decorations, picking out a Christmas Tree, shopping for gifts for your loved ones; these are the things that make us super excited and get us in the spirit for the holiday season. But we are leaving out one more very important activity…any guesses? Two words: Gingerbread Houses! That’s right, we can’t forget about this popular holiday activity that is great for the whole family!

If you think you are a pro at building gingerbread houses and have a strong desire for some holiday competition, the 2018 Rehoboth Beach Gingerbread Contest is the place to be. The contest is taking place on November 24 at Epworth UM Church on Holland Glade Road in Rehoboth and is open to participants, spectators, and sponsors!

Not only is this a great way to sharpen your gingerbread baking skills, but all proceeds are going to a great cause! Funds raised support Christmas Joy! 365, The West Rehoboth Children & Youth Program, Epworth’s Good Sam program, and homeless students in the Cape Henlopen School District. Although this is a competitive event, it also shows the true meaning of what Christmas is all about: celebrating community and bringing families closer together.

Important Information

  1. The Gingerbread Exhibition starts at 10 a.m. is open to the public! Walk around and tour some of the best Gingerbread Houses ever made!
  2. Be sure to join Santa for the most important meal of the day! Breakfast with Santa starts at 10 a.m. and is available to Kids ($5) and Adults ($7); for tickets, be sure to e-mail info@gingerbreadjoy.org for more information!
  3. Professional participants will be judged by a panel of experts and houses will be sold at the Silent Auction.
  4. Amateur bakers will be announced as winners by the People’s Choice Fundraiser Vote as well as Judge’s Choice.
  5. You can become a sponsor by visiting https://gingerbreadjoy.org/

Tips and Tricks

Build the PERFECT Gingerbread House!

  1. Think ahead on design. In order to execute a strong and well-rounded gingerbread house, be sure to plan out the design of your house before the competition. Schedule a pre-run with your friends while enjoying some warm apple cider!
  2. Cut a sturdy base. All houses, in general, require a strong foundation, if you have a strong base for your gingerbread house, then you will have a strong final product.
  3. Think outside of the box. Don’t limit yourself on supplies that any ordinary gingerbread house would have. Use other food items like pretzels, ribbon candy, marshmallows and more! A fun cool tip would be to add gum drops to cake-pop sticks which could be used as lamp posts for your house. Want some trees in the yard? Use ice cream waffle cones with some green icing and boom! You have pine trees.
  4. Does your gingerbread house tend to break and fall down? Use items in the kitchen such as cans and small food boxes for support!

The list is endless but no matter how you build your house, you have to stay positive and be proud of your skillset. Be sure to tag @shorebread in your Instagram posts if you plan to participate this year! Happy building!