Make Your Dog’s Next Walk Worth While

Walking the dog is a great way to bond with your pet and enjoy invigorating exercise for two. But if you’re coming home feeling less than satisfied, Rover probably is too, and neither of you will reap the benefits from your time outdoors. Unfortunately, distractions, haste, and weather conditions can all make walking the dog more frustrating than fulfilling. Don’t let this important activity lose its purpose and appeal. Here are ten ways to boost your daily dog walk so you and your pet can feel energized, satisfied, and eager for your next outing together.

Stow the Phone

Peeling away from the cell phone nowadays may not be easy, but give it your best try. You’ll have one less thing to hold onto and concentrate on. Talking on the phone or texting can be a hindrance as well as a hazard when you’re out walking the dog. Unless you’re expecting an urgent call, turn off the cell and tuck it away or leave it at home. Let your pup feel the full measure of your care and attention.

Talk to Your Pet

It’s common to daydream on a walk, but having a conversation with your pet may result in more satisfaction for both of you. Your dog will gain confidence and security hearing your voice alongside him, and you’ll appreciate having a listener. Try this interactive exercise: stop every ten minutes and ask your pet to look at you, using a favorite call word or phrase. Be sure to award success with praise.

Dress for Comfort

What you wear on your daily dog walk can make all the difference in how gratifying it is, and that goes for the dog, too. Take the time to dress both of you appropriately. Some dogs prefer a jacket or sweater on chilly days. You, on the other hand, might choose layers to stay comfortable. Snowy weather often warrants a coat, neckwear, or boots for either of you. Always check the forecast before venturing out.

Adjust the Route

If you regularly encounter trouble on your daily walking path, try adjusting the route, so it’s safe and satisfying for you and your pet. You may need to drive a short distance to find a spot that’s suitable. Look for places that have easy terrain and are free of dangers, like aggressive animals, toxic plants, heavy traffic, or too much sun. The right walking route will improve the venture and give you peace of mind.


Dehydration can lead to all kinds of health concerns for you and your dog, from fatigue to muscle cramps to vomiting. Make sure you’re both well hydrated before and during your walk since exercise causes fluid loss. If possible, take water along so you can rehydrate as necessary. You’ll both avoid health trouble and feel more energized and alert, which will make the walk that much better.

Vary the Motion

Don’t let walking the dog every day get boring. Instead, vary the pace and motion by including fast and slow walking, hills or inclines, and stops for your pet to relieve himself or rest. Making a walk fun for your dog will keep him interested and challenged, plus you’ll both enjoy the variety. You may be surprised at how quickly time passes when you mix things up.

Be Prepared with Supplies

There’s nothing worse than being on a walk without poop bags, treats to praise and distract your pet, and other useful supplies. Consider all the items you might need on your walk. Put them in a fanny pack or bag that’s light, easy to carry, and hands-free. Having supplies at your disposal won’t just add convenience; you’ll alleviate worry about potential hazards you might encounter while walking the dog.

Give Praise

There’s nothing a dog likes better than positive feedback. Give it liberally when you’re out walking together. Accolades from you will enhance your pet’s enjoyment of the outing, plus you’ll appreciate his happy spirit