The holidays are both a joyous and tumultuous time of year. It’s crazy, hectic and celebratory; it’s time spent and memories made with friends and family near and far—it’s for many, as that well-known song says, the most wonderful time of the year—and the most expensive.

For parents, perhaps the most memorable part of the season is the priceless looks on their children’s faces Christmas morning. The source of those thrilled looks—the gifts—not so priceless. In an era when technology reigns supreme, kid’s lists have gone from dolls and cars to iPads and Kindles.

Aside from the coveted latest and greatest tablets, even the hot “toy” lists include mainly technology-laden items. From flying fish and sharks, bundled Nintendo D3’s and video games played using swords and play-doh-esque characters, to handheld devices for four- year-olds, Christmas lists could break the bank for many families.

For anyone who may have put their foot down on the mortgage-busting items, is in need for a last minute gift, or simply wants to buy local and support our small businesses, this list is for you.

Below you will find hot-ticket items for kids ranging in age from infant to teen, in-stock, in local stores, and all for $50 or less!

Teen-Tech Friendly

For the tech-obsessed teen, South Moon Under in Ocean City, MD carries Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad covers, currently stocked in black or hot pink for $48, and iPhone covers for $34.

To keep those constantly status-updating fingers warm, and still able to connect, SMU carries Echo Touch gloves, a full-fingered option with special threading on the finger tips, compatible with all touch screens, for $32.

For a flashier look, Tablet Friendly covers in black or silver sequins can be yours for just $28.

Toddler to Middle School—Fashion

Coconut Kids in Ocean City, MD carries some of the most cutting edge and well-styled brands around. And, as a bonus, all winter clothes are 50% off! (Until January 5th).

This means that brands like Lipstick for little girls—frilly or funky depending upon the outfit—is now more budget-friendly. The pink coat pictured, complete with pink large-jeweled buttons is now $35. The dress shown (layered skirt portion visible) has a sale price of $34. For little fashionista’s in the making, this is a great deal.

For the little man, popular brands like Quicksilver are also 50% off.

Angry Birds are all the rage—and Coconut Kids has the backpacks for $24, and the wallets for $12. The toys have already literally flown off the shelves, and are out-of-stock.

Fake fur boot toppers—part leg warmer, part fur accessory, and all style, have been purchased and adorn the lower calves and ankles of girls (appropriate for ages 10 and up), teens, and women alike. They take nearly any shoe up a notch, for $24.

Accessories for Any Age—Locally Loved, and Locally Made

Bungalow Love in Berlin, MD carries local treasures—items made by creative-types whose artistic abilities mean you will be purchasing one-of-a-kind gifts. There are items for little girls—dresses and aprons, jewelry and headbands; pieces for girls from elementary to college-age and beyond.

Standouts include the Russian Doll necklace. It’s made of steel and porcelain, and is hand-painted for $18.

Crochet isn’t for doilies or afgans anymore. Fashionable females are rocking hats, scarves, and headbands intricately woven together with brightly colored yarn. Bungalow Love carries several different brands featuring the trend. Bolt makes crocheted flower headbands—the smaller version can be worn from infants on up for $12, the thicker banded version is $30—and crocheted flower rings.  Pendants adorn voluminous crocheted hats, from Zoe Made It….for $25 to $35.

For a truly unique and vintage gift for a little girl, Bungalow Love carries old-school paper dolls, original, not reproductions. Examples are pictured.

Be on the lookout for the ShoreBread featured artists’ article this Thursday—one artisan is in high school, the other in middle school, both sell their products at Bungalow Love, and both make unique pieces from recycled goods—more great options for last minute gift buying.

Happy Shopping!