Last weekend was Spring Bike Week in Ocean City and it was my first time experiencing a Bike Week of any sort. I have watched enough seasons of Son’s of Anarchy to know that there is a difference between being a weekend rider and actually living the lifestyle. I love anything that is authentic, and with bike culture you can tell the real from the fake immediately.

I went to Trader Lees, a known biker hangout. At first glance it seemed to be a garage, but when I walked in it was a true biker bar – at least for the night I was there, and in West Ocean City of all places. There was an awesome band playing, friendly bartenders, and 100% true bikers! Every person that I met over the weekend was really nice, and everyone was just out partying and having fun!

Biker fashion for the men ranges from your typical jeans and black t-shirts, to the very eccentric with leather chaps, and a biker jacket with a statement emblem. Lets just say – I saw everything you can possibly imagine.

Biker fashion for the ladies is from one extreme to the next, but the common theme is showing some skin! I saw so many cute outfits from cut-off shorts with combat boots and American flag t-shirt, to bra tops, low-rise leather pants, and high heels. Printed denim in leopard print was also a common theme, as well as bikinis. Yes, bikinis – as in attire normally reserved for the beach or poolside. The bar that I was at had a bikini contest that was actually pretty fun to watch.

Obviously, I am not a real biker but I do like the look and thought it would be cool to draw some inspiration from the lifestyle. I have included pictures of my favorite biker-inspired fashion. You can rock this look head to toe or use specific pieces and play them up. Anyway you do it is a fresh take on an old trend that is new again!

Check out the photos below for some style inspiration.

Fashionably Yours,


Couple on bike as featured on Fellt by Oracle Fox blog.
Biker boots as featured on OutsaPop Trashion.
Rhianna as pictured on The Only Jaiden blog
Tara from Sons of Anarchy, Seat 42F
Studded biker gloves available on Shop Bob.
Biker style as featured on Because I’m Addicted blog.
Bertinni ‘Maneater’pumps for sale on ShoeOcean.