One of the things that struck us about this home at first were the beautiful stained glass windows original to the home. We have said all along that we will do whatever we can to keep them; they are a key part to the look and feel of this home. Some of the windows are in terrible shape: weather-beaten from the outside, a lot of peeling paint, and some that do not open. We have not done anything to the windows just yet. We have put off painting throughout the house until we have fully decided the color scheme and once we have completed the rest of the major items that need to be done. 

The busy season of summer is upon us, and we have not had as much time to devote to the renovations as we would like. Because of this, we are tackling small jobs instead, including the yard work that needs to take place on a weekly basis. This week I decided that I wanted to start giving the windows a face lift. It is a daunting task, because to do them correctly inside and out, I really need a ladder or scaffold to take care of the exterior portion. For now I am concentrating on the inside and began in our youngest sons room. Lately, he likes to put his Legos on the window sill and most likely there are remnants of lead paint on that windowsill. I thought it best to get his windows repaired first. 

Because of the possible and likely lead paint, I did not sand the windows. Instead, using a dry paint brush I dusted out all of the panes, and then vacuumed the entire window including the sill. After picking what I think is the perfect shade of gray, I began applying a nice heavy coat. Painting really does make such an impact with not so much effort. Granted I am only done with two windows at this point, but one room looks much better because of it. The newly painted windows compared to the only primed walls, now make me want to move forward with choosing paint colors and getting the rooms finished. Stay tuned for that update!