Last night, as a full moon cast an eerie light over the shore, costumed trick-or-treaters ran from home to home – their orange pumpkin pails overflowing with candy. Just two days after the unprecedented Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Shore, residents of local communities rushed to make Halloween happen. 

Despite the fact that clean-up efforts were still taking place, children and adults put on their finest Halloween costumes and hit the streets. Many homes, like those along Washington Street in Berlin, MD, were transformed into Halloween masterpieces. 
Check out a few photos below from the night's spooky shenanigans:
A giant black spider welcomes trick-or-treaters to the Burbage Funeral Home on William Street in Berlin, MD.
A Berlin resident dressed as a comical 'cereal killer' during trick-or-treat.
The Burbage Funeral Home decorated with large inflatables, tall goblins, and tiny witches.
A cannibal pumpkin person served as a lawn decoration on Halloween night. 
A cyclops watched over a home on Main Street, Berlin as trick-or-treaters passed by.
The ghostbusters were fighting ghosts on Washington Street last night.
A nightmare-inducing clown frightened many children (and adults, too) on Main Street.
Costumed trick-or-treaters at the Hambury residence in Berlin.

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