It’s a new year. If I have to see another commercial for a weight loss program, I may scream. It is, however, a good time for a fresh start or to reflect and re-center on goals and priorities. I think everyone begins with some sort of resolution; even if it’s a resolution to not make resolutions. 

Renewing my goals to eat better and more consciously is at the top of my list. If you find yourself in Salisbury, The Acorn Market can help with this. Open for breakfast and lunch, The Acorn Market brings you fresh, homemade food with seasonal options. Their motto is “We do fresh fast!” And they certainly do. Offering a selection of sandwiches, soups, salads, paninis, and baked goodies, The Acorn Market may be compared with a large chain like Panera Bread. However, this establishment has the honor of being locally owned.
Located in the parking lot behind The Country House, the market may be a little hard to find on your first trip. As soon as you pull up though, the large, screened-in front porch invites you inside for a closer look. I couldn’t wait to order so I could soak up some rays on the sun porch. There is something about eating outside that is good for the soul. You can even bring your pooch because they are welcome, too. If you’ve already had your daily dose of Vitamin D, they have an indoor dining room as well with large farmhouse tables and cozy décor.
Acorn Market Salisbury MD - Photo from Facebook PageI went for lunch and ordered the minestrone soup and honey apple salad. Their homemade honey dressing is to die for and compliments the crisp Gala apples, tangy blue cheese, and toasted walnuts perfectly. All of their lunches are served with fresh grapes or chips and a homemade shortbread cookie; a delightful reward for choosing a healthy meal and supporting a local business.
Since they open at 8:30 am, you can stop on your way to work for breakfast. They will pack a lunch for you while you enjoy a cup of coffee and a bagel or sweet treat. Even if you have overslept, you can fax your order to them by 11 am and your lunch will be ready at noon for pick up.
Their sweet potato biscuits are locally famous, delicious, and have an added bonus- they contain 50% of your daily serving of Vitamin A! This is perfect for improving eye sight and fighting that seasonal cold that has been floating around. Along with their tasty mainstays, they offer daily soup specials and seasonal options. On the menu today was a Smoked Pear Panini and Alpine Salad with blackberries, sunflower seeds, and blue cheese. These dishes are proof that eating seasonally doesn’t have to be boring in the winter.
Check out their full menu on the web and start your year off right by making conscious and deliberate food choices, eating locally, and supporting local businesses.