The longstanding traditions of the Eastern Shore have predictably involved water activities and the distinctive sport of boat docking is a prime example. As owner of Brew River Bar and Grill Wesley Hanna said, boat docking is one of the “unique events you don’t see anywhere else (and) personifies the culture of the Shore.” To be a part of the extreme docking festivities, head out to Brew River September 5 and 6 for a weekend awash with good times.

For those who haven’t experienced a boat docking competition before, it is the normal act of pulling a boat into port, but done at high speeds. Whichever boat can be successfully parked and tied up in the shortest amount of time wins. Due to the fast action of the event, it’s easy to see why the “rodeo on water” participants are nicknamed “Chesapeake Cowboys.” Many of these cowboys are working watermen who will be putting their watercraft talent on display, so we know we are in for a show this weekend.

Not every boat docks the same way, and for that reason there will be several docking categories featured at Brew River on Saturday September, 6 starting at 1:00 p.m. Some of the groups include large or small crafts that have different time limits. There is even a youth docking competition.

Before the waterman race the clock, there will be the Captain’s Party on Friday September, 5 starting at 6 p.m. where guests can enjoy dinner and a cocktail while contestants practice for the following day’s competition. In between boating categories on Saturday, there will be a halftime show featuring a group performing stunts on water pressured jet packs (you don’t want to miss their gravity defying routine). Also, immediately following Saturday’s activities there will be an after party at Brew River to celebrate each winning boat’s crew.

As host to the event, Hanna said that his favorite part of the competition is the audience’s reaction to the contest.

“Being so close to the water and action, the crowd gets really excited and gives off a huge amount of energy during the event,” Hanna said.

Hanna also commented on how the boat docking activities benefit our community.

“This event brings a lot of recognition to the Shore and because of Brew River’s location it is a great opportunity to check out the up and coming downtown Salisbury.”

ShoreBread plans on heading to Brew’s deck as early as we can Saturday to get a front row seat to the action, and maybe be in the splash zone. But if you don’t show up as early as we do, it’s ok, Hanna told us “there’s really no bad seat in the house out on the deck.”