We bet you can smell it now and you’re not even on the Boardwalk. The sweet smell of caramel popcorn that has been with you since childhood can still be found on the south end at the corner of Talbot Street and the boards just feet away from the same sand we still play in today. Fisher’s Popcorn has called this location home since 1937. Everett Fisher was the founding father to this legendary treat and now his children, Don and Cindy, oversee the business with their families.

Ask anyone and we’re sure they will tell you their personal favorite. There are so many popcorn flavors to choose from now including White Cheddar, Old Bay, Cinnamon, Caramel with Peanuts, Butter Flavored, Kettle Corn, Chocolate Drizzle and, of course, the original, Caramel Popcorn. The popcorn is made fresh daily just as it was in 1937 and the recipe hasn’t changed. Why fix something when it isn’t broken?! We’re not permitted to reveal the secret recipe, but we can assure you that each batch of Fisher’s Popcorn is made with lots of love and only the highest quality ingredients.

As we were standing at the famous counter waiting for our turn to enjoy this legendary treat, we thought, “What would it be like to be on the other side of the counter?” Well, today is our lucky day as the Fisher’s Popcorn crew invited the ShoreBread team on a behind the scenes peek of their daily life. Their day begins at 8:30am with the wake-up call of industrial corn popping machines serenading an unsuspecting crowd of dedicated Boardwalk enthusiasts. The copper kettles are fired up and the ingredients are prepared. Supervisor, Bobby Walczak, walked us through the process of making the famous caramel popcorn, which only takes five minutes from start to finish. Bobby’s first job was with Fisher’s Popcorn and now, 14 years later, he still loves what he does. “This is just a really great place to work. I’ve been able to purchase my first car and even my first house from having my job here at Fisher’s. The owners are awesome,” commented Walczak.

The production team will continue to make fresh popcorn throughout the day until late in the evening. During the summer season, the Fisher’s Popcorn stand is open for service from 9:30am to midnight, taking just a little break during the overnight hours to prepare for the next morning.

If you’re not able to visit the popcorn stand on the Boardwalk, no worries. Fisher’s Popcorn ships their products all over the great USA and internationally to military addresses. Believe it or not, they have been shipping popcorn since the 1950’s. One of their best compliments came from an American Soldier who was based in Pakistan in the 1960’s. He asked his family to ship his favorite sweet to the base so he could share it with his fellow soldiers. The request was fulfilled, and though it took 6 months to arrive, he said that it tasted just like the day it was made. Perfection!

Please be assured that our parcel system has come a long way since then and Fisher’s Popcorn can easily be shipped to your front door in a timely manner. They utilize the services of the US Post Office, FedEx and UPS to ship their popcorn to wanting customers. Click here to peruse the many popcorn options available to you. Also, stay in touch with Fisher’s Popcorn via Facebook for all the happenings in town and on the Boardwalk. Enjoy!