Hats off to the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore (CFES) for awarding a record number of college scholarships to students throughout the Lower Eastern Shore. This past year, the foundation doled out a record $452,000 in scholarships to 320 students in our region!

This milestone is something CFES has worked hard for.  “Meeting the rising need for college scholarship assistance and the rising tuition costs is an essential part of the Community Foundation’s mission,” said Eric Joseph, CFES President.  While the CFES lends a helping hand to numerous organizations on the Lower Eastern Shore, the scholarship program is one the group is quite proud of.  BJ Summers, the Foundation’s director of Development and Donor Services, said, “helping young people here on the Lower Shore fulfill their dreams and realize their potential is among the highest goals of the Community Foundation.”

Some of CFES’s scholarships are available for students in particular high schools, while others target specific college majors and professional careers (like teaching, architecture, engineering or healthcare).  For a complete list of scholarships available through the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, visit their website at www.cfes.org.