If you’re walking up and down main street in St. Michaels, MD and happen to come across the Justamere Trading Post, we highly recommend that you stop in to discover the many awesome findings throughout the store that you probably wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Justamere Trading Post is proudly the largest Native American store in the state of Maryland. From herbs, to jewelry and even tea, Justamere Trading Post sells everything Native American and 80% of the products are handmade from Native American tribes throughout the world.

JoAnn Brown started her business over 30 years ago when she found a passion for Native American art and jewelry. She started to sell her products at Native American festivals and events. To get her business off the ground, she started to focus more on herbs and jewelry to attract more customers and to get more foot traffic in her store. Originally, Justamere Trading Post had two locations: one in St. Michaels, MD and one in Florida. Eventually, JoAnn discontinued her store in Florida and merged both store into one, right here in St. Michaels, MD. She owns the business with her husband Ralph Brown

JoAnn and Ralph have quite a unique and storied past. The two have known each other for over 60 years and Ralph had proposed to Joann almost 55 years ago. But, because JoAnne wanted to follow her dream she unfortunately declined. They both lost touch for about 30 years and then, in 2012, Ralph ironically found JoAnne again on Facebook. Not allowing time to interfere again, they decided to get married on December 22, 2012 and the rest, as they say, is history. They both share the same passion for what they do and they work together to give the St. Michaels community a little Native American touch.