Labor Day has come and gone, and for many people that aren’t fortunate enough to live on the shore, fresh seafood feasts won’t be an option until next summer.  Luckily exists for those mid-winter seafood cravings, no matter where you are in the United States. has been in business since 1997, and are recorded as doing the first online seafood sale.

Whether you want steamed crabs, live lobsters or fresh fish, they’ll arrive at your door. “We pride ourselves on showcasing the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay and the Eastern Shore with our line of seafood products,” says Mark Mrohs, Marketing and Event Coordinator for  He says their most popular item is the Maryland Steamed Crabs.  When you order the steamed crabs, you can also choose the level of seasoning you prefer.

One of our favorite things about, aside from the delicious seafood, are the recipes.  When you select the category, a suggested recipe for the item you are purchasing is provided.  Our favorite is the Scallops with White Wine Sauce

We also love that the site has weekly specials.  If your cravings can be put on hold, visit the site frequently to see the specials they are offering.  You can also join the VIP Club and enjoy reduced shipping rates and exclusive specials.

The Shorebread team has lots of friends from the area that have taken up roots away from the shore.  We thought this could be a great gift for them, but were concerned about the package sitting on their doorstep for hours. Mark eased our minds, “Our shipping and packaging is something we are known for. The product is sealed in styrofoam containers and packed with either gel packs or dry ice, depending on product and distance, then packed in a double lined cardboard Crab Place shipping box. The way we package the product ensures a refrigerated expectancy of 4 – 5 days for quality assurance.”  With that in mind, we have a few shipments planned for the coming months!