Now that January is coming to an end, we hope you’ve been sticking to your New Year fitness goals like we have! We’ve attended yet another fitness class and this time it was at Bar Revolution in West OC. The Barre Circuit class was quite the experience for us. There was a lot, and we mean A LOT, of muscle burning throughout this entire workout — but don’t let that scare you away from this fun and intense workout.  

The class consists of six people which creates a relaxed and motivational environment making it easy to create small bonds with your peers. The Circuit class starts with some stretching using the bar to get your muscles relaxed and ready to start class. You will also use a tennis ball to relax the tension in your feet preparing you for a great hour long workout.

Barre Circuit incorporates three different exercises for three different muscle groups which creates three stations: arms, legs, and core. There are three different exercises at each station. Each exercise is performed for a total of one minute, that may sound like a long time and, to be honest, it was, but you just have to push yourself! It’s all about mind over matter.

Throughout the duration of the class, you will be rotating through the circuit a total of nine times so you rotate through the different exercises for each muscle group. After your arms, you’ll exercise your legs, then your core, and back to arms, and so on. Between each circuit you do a “resting” phase where you complete a small pulsing exercise like squats, arm circles, or a plank.

The great thing about this class is you are able to move at your own pace and the instructor lets you alter the moves to your liking to make them more comfortable. This circuit class will have your muscles burn like they have never burned before! No pain, no gain, right? This class is definitely recommended. Just remember, the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is you. So work hard and push yourself!