Vintage, custom and classic Fords, Chevys and more will line Somerset Street Plaza in downtown Ocean City on July 16th, August 13th, and September 10th and 24th. Owners of these prized possessions, and members of the OC Cruzers Car Club, will be there to supervise the event and educate visitors and spectators, and there will be either a DJ or live band playing at the event!

The show will take place from 2:30-6:00pm on these select Sundays.

Created in 2002, OC Cruzers started as a small club of a few people with a shared interest in automobiles. Now, it consists of over 140 members from mainly Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, but also includes members from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and even California.

While the club’s obvious purpose is to bring together car-enthusiasts, and put on shows and displays for those with the same passion for cars, they also have another motive behind the non-profit organization. Worcester County Gold, The Humane Society, and Coastal Hope have received thousands of dollars in donations from the OC Cruzers. Fundraising for local charities, as well as families and individuals in need, is an important objective of the club, generating funds from their car shows, volunteering, and community donations.

If you love cars, and want to see and learn about some classics, this is the perfect event for you! If you have a vintage car of your own that you would like to show off, get in touch with the OC Cruzers by stopping by one of their monthly meetings at the Stephen Decatur cafeteria, or mailing in a membership form.