If you have any ties to Pennsylvania, and are a frequent visitor of Ocean City, it’s more than likely you’ve made a stop at Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon on 28th St. for “OC’s Best” Cheesesteak, Maverick-style Pierogies, or a Pitt-Steak Salad. This past winter, Salty Dog owner Doug Buxbaum (Buxy) bought the establishment next door, previously Pizza Hut, and took a leap of faith.

On June 9th, after six months of construction, Dry Dock 28 opened for business. “We always wanted more space. We considered expanding upward to a second level at Salty Dog, but it wouldn’t have been practical. The area next door becoming available happened at the right time and place for us to create Dry Dock, so we jumped on it,” said Annie Buxbaum, wife of the owner.

Although the Buxbaums own both businesses, and the restaurants are connected at the front and back entrances, they want to emphasize that each is its own establishment. While Dry Dock does have large flat screen TV’s lining the walls, it is aimed toward a casual, family-dining experience as Salty Dog upholds its reputation for Ocean City’s Pittsburgh sports bar.

Ship wheels, netting, fishing boats and coastal decor from floor to ceiling create an atmosphere unlike any other in town. When you dine at Dry Dock, you’re getting more than “just pizza” with a menu featuring pizza crust-stuffed wedges; shrimp, clam and lobster steamers; and signature drinks. Not to mention, the bar is made out of an actual boat from Salisbury, Maryland.

The restaurant also offers outdoor seating, live entertainment, a t-shirt boutique, and souvenir cups to take home when you purchase of a soda or frozen cocktail.

When asked how she helps run two restaurant businesses, works as a real estate agent, and raises her four children, Annie responded, “Family–We have great support from our relatives in both the family and business aspects.”

Dry Dock 28 will remain open during the off-season, occasionally hosting private parties for local businesses and companies, and plans to get the carry-out station up and running early Fall. Stay posted for their carry-out menu featuring beer, wine, pizza, and more to-go! Check their website often for updates