This Memorial Day Weekend celebrates those who have served our country and our nation’s rich history; more specifically life and wildlife at Delaware’s 15th Annual Horseshoe Crab and Shorebird Festival. Sponsored by the Milton Chamber of Commerce and Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge, the Horseshoe Crab and Shorebird Festival is a family-friendly, eco-friendly festival that takes place from the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge to the historic center of the town of Milton.

Come one, come all! The 2018 Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival is good, clean fun for everyone!

The 2018 Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival will feature many different events and exhibits, from art to science and nature education to traditional family festival fun! The free festival celebrates horseshoe crabs and migrating shorebirds, long considered by many to be a natural wonder of Delaware Bay. Count yourself among the 1,500-plus visitors who enjoy arts and crafts vendors, an art show, boat rides, canoe trips, exhibits, games, food, music, scavenger hunts, train rides for the kids, and much, much more!

The 15th Annual Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival kicks off Thursday, May 24, 2018 and extends until the main event on Saturday May 26th, from 9 am – 3 pm.

The 3-day festival will be held at Milton Memorial Park and Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge, Chandler Street, Milton DE, 19968.

A shuttle bus will be available to transport visitors to and from the Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge.

Directions To The Park:

This family friendly, eco-festival is focused on our natural bounty and wildlife, the resources found in our area and the hope of awakening and strengthening our appreciation of our environment. Every year the Horseshoe Crab and Shorebird Festival strives to raise awareness and understanding about the essential ecological connection between horseshoe crabs and shorebirds migrating through the Delaware Bay area, as well as the researchers who study them. The event combines fun, education, entertainment and encourages ecotourism.

Fun Facts:

The horseshoe crab is a living fossil.

It has been on Earth some 220 million years, longer than dinosaurs. Today, the

horseshoe crab is almost identical to its ancient ancestors.

The life of a shorebird is intrinsically dependent on that of a horseshoe crab. Horseshoe crabs are SO IMPORTANT to the ecology of coastal communities! Their eggs are a major food source for at least 11 northward-migrating shorebirds, including the federally-threatened red knot, which relies strictly on horseshoe crab eggs for food during migration. Without the horseshoe crab eggs, the shoreline ecosystem, from North Carolina south, wouldn’t be able to survive.

If you’re under 40 and have been vaccinated, horseshoe crabs are to thank!
The components of a horseshoe crab’s blue blood is unique and invaluable! The blood of a horseshoe crab contains a special enzyme that causes very rapid clotting in response to the presence of infectious bacteria. This response is in turn utilized by medical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to detect toxic bacteria in a multitude of healthcare products, vaccines, etc.

How (Can You Be A Part Of It)?

Be a part of one of the Cape’s premier events, attracting thousands to Milton from throughout the Mid-Atlantic region! The event stretches from downtown Milton to Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge and your or your organization is invited to participate.

  • Plan a project, event or program that relates to nature and the environment, for adults or children.
  • Volunteer for Saturday’s main event.
  • Give your business more exposure by sponsoring a program ad, live entertainment at the gazebo or other event.
  • Apply to be a vendor for Saturday’s main event if you have a nature or environment-themed offering. Arts and crafts vendors wanted with handcrafted items only!
    Vendors must have some connection to nature and/or the environment; for example, jewelry made from found natural objects or recycled materials, etc.
  • Tie in your existing event to the festival.
  • To participate, float an idea, or more information, contact

This is an event you SHORE won’t want to miss! For more information visit

Or Contact: Terri Fox at