Each day, an average of 10,000 people in the United States turn 65 years of age. They become associated with this “club” that includes gray hair, wrinkles and a greater need for healthcare services. Peninsula Home Care thinks they have a better answer with a more beneficial club: Older and Wiser Living, or “OWL” for short.

“Seniors in our communities should have resources that let them feel empowered so that they can continue to live active, independent lives,” said Beverly White, Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke branch director. “A free OWL membership provides many of those tools and resources so they can work in partnership with their healthcare team to prevent and manage challenges today and down the road.”

Members 50 years or older will receive free access to Peninsula’s telehealth stations (or as we like to call them – OWL Nest) located in the lobby of the Salisbury, Maryland and Seaford, Delaware branch offices from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. The various stations are equipped to measure weight, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate. The OWL membership kit includes a medication card, medical history card and important tips and information for managing many chronic diseases.

Peninsula also provides OWL members with exclusive access to a nutrition coach by phone and support through home visits and phone calls.  More educational resources are shared through the agency’s quarterly newsletter and a planned Annual Health Conference.

Additional perks include exercise videos which are geared specifically to seniors. By following Peninsula’s armchair exercise video, seniors can expect many of the same benefits from seated exercises as they would from standing exercises, which is very beneficial to individuals recovering from surgery or an injury.

Ever heard of Otago exercise videos? Peninsula provides this fall-prevention program, recognized by the CDC and measured to reduce the rate of falls by 35 to 40%.  The rationale behind Otago is that while muscle strength, flexibility, balance and reaction time are risk factors for falls, they can easily be improved.  It includes seventeen different exercises aimed at improving strength and balance for patients.

Community members interested in joining the free OWL club can register online or by calling the Salisbury office at 410/543-7550.  And get this: All registrants receive a free water bottle with “Beat the Heat” tips that can help them stay cool and safe!

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