The days and hours before trick-or-treating are trickling down and it’s time to have your Halloween costume squared away! Don’t worry, if you are a procrastinator or just simply indecisive when it comes to finalizing your costume ideas, we have you covered! We’ve put together a list of quick and easy last-minute costumes!


Dressing up like Sandra Dee and Danny Zuko from Grease is always a great go-to option that every generation will recognize. All you need is a pair of black pants, a black shirt and a black (preferably leather) jacket! If you’re Danny, wear a white undershirt. If you’re Sandra, wear some red heels. You’re all set! This is a perfect last-minute couple costume, too.


This idea is great for anyone who is truly a procrastinator and has waited until the literal last hours before Halloween (you know who you are). Grab an old medal, a sweatband, and a loaf or two of bread–whatever you have laying around the house–and you are officially a breadwinner!


Do you have a yellow sweater, round glasses, and some felt to craft into animal ears? Then it looks like you will be dressing up as the cartoon character Arthur this year!


If you have time to buy a black cape, some fake blood, and a set of pointed teeth, you are good to go with this classic costume.


This is almost as generic and basic as dressing up as a vampire… but all you really need is some black or white clothing and some creative makeup/facepaint skills!

Chip on Your Shoulder

Grab your favorite bag of chips and stick them on your shoulder! This is a perfect costume to wear to your Halloween party–you’ll always have a snack, and probably make a few friends along the way because who doesn’t love chips!?

Smart Cookie

Feeling quirky? Grab your old high school or college graduation cap and gown, and stick some printed out images of chocolate chip cookies all over. Congratulations, you are now a smart cookie!

She Sells Sea Shells…

This is the perfect costume for those of us spending Halloween here on the Eastern Shore! Take a walk along the beach and collect some seashells, big or small! Then, all you need is a trench coat and some form of adhesive. With the shells on the inner part of your trench coat, you’re officially selling sea shells on the sea shore this Halloween!

Error 404!

This is for those who really don’t have the effort or time to pour into a creative costume (you, too, know who you are). Grab an old white t-shirt and a permanent marker. Write “Error 404 Costume Not Found” and your costume is complete!

Bubble Bath

All you’ll need for this cute costume is a handful of white balloons, safety pins/tape/something to attach the balloons to your clothing, a shower cap, and a loofah. Wala! You can go trick-or-treating or out to a Halloween party all squeaky clean!

Of course, you can always go with the simple ones, like a nerd (wear glasses with white tape and carry a calculator), Rosie the Riveter (wear a blue shirt and a red and white polka dot headband bandana), or Harry Potter (draw on a lightning bolt and get some oval glasses). There are endless options for an easy, stress-free Halloween costume to put together last-minute! Now, you just have to pick one. Happy Halloween!