Turkey Roll-Ups


Next time you reach for a salty or fatty snack, pick protein rich turkey instead.

Don’t fill your day with empty calories between meals. Instead, snack on a protein-rich source that will fill you up without overdoing the calories.


2 oz. sliced low-sodium roasted turkey breast
4 teaspoons light herb cheese spread (or use light cream cheese and sprinkle it with seasoning blend)
1/2 carrot, cut into about 4 thin sticks (thin celery sticks can also be used)


Lay out turkey breast slices (about four). Spread about 1 teaspoon of the herb cheese spread over each turkey slice (if using light cream cheese, spread it over the turkey slices and then sprinkle the herb blend lightly over the top of the cream cheese).

Set a carrot or celery stick on one end of the turkey slice and roll up.




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