I remember the day I was exposed to Ska, an infectiously fun style of music that makes you move. Back in the 90's during college, going to see The Toasters, Reel Big Fish, Spring Heeled Jack and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were influential shows in my life. More recently I have come to appreciate reggae, as many of the beach bars locally have reggae bands perform. So it's only natural that I would love The Aggrolites, as they are a blend of ska and reggae. The band formed almost a decade ago in Southern California, and have played with such acts as Madness and Tim Armstrong of Rancid. 

The Aggrolites have been on tour most recently with the Vans Warped Tour. On a rare day off, while on the East Coast they played a free show at Seacrets in Ocean City, MD. I have never seen so much energy in the Morley Hall as I did on Monday night. They electrified the crowd, which was a mixture of those who happen to come to Seacrets while on vacation, and those who came solely to see The Aggrolites. To take a listen to their music check out their website, where you can currently sign up for a free download of 4 tracks off the latest album, Rugged Road.