It’s a much-debated question–which property has the best views in Ocean City?  Many bay side residencies have views of the Assawoman or the Sinepuxent.  The oceanfront buildings feature panoramas of the Atlantic, and even a few condo complexes offer both.  But only one location has both ocean and bay vistas—as well as a bird’s eye view of the Eastern Shore’s largest amusement and water park–Jolly Roger’s newest addition to their amusement empire…the Extreme Zip Line.

Jolly Roger Amusements is synonymous with Ocean City.  With two locations, one at the Pier, the other on 30th street, and now offering six different amusement facilities, it’s safe to say that Jolly Roger has to maintain a certain level of notoriety, obtaining the latest and greatest thrill ride before anyone else does…it’s their job to set the bar.  A few years ago, they launched The Slingshot at the pier, a veritable ball shot into the sky, brought back to earth by cables.  It’s the reverse of a bungee cord jump, and likely more frightening as one goes both catapulting into the air, and is flung back down towards the ground.  This year, the Extreme Zip Line is the addition to the park system bringing forth the greatest thrill.

The idea of amusement rides at the beach harkens back to the old days of carousels and ferris wheels, but the modern day vacationer is after a little more.  The Extreme Zip Lines were brought in to cater to that adventurous spirit, which more and more people are after.

The Extreme Zip Lines are a first for the Eastern Shore.  Something more atypically built over the jungles of South America, or the mountain ranges of the U.S., the zip lines at Jolly Roger on 30th St. cover 1100 ft. of steel cable, are accessed at 60 feet in the air, and take 20-25 minutes to complete.  There are four stations in all, meaning that one must complete the first zip line, pause on a small platform akin to the top of a masthead on a pirate ship, and then continue on for more.  In addition, there is at one interlude a rope bridge in between stations.  As if it wasn’t enough to be anchored to the zip line in the first place!

There are plenty of people who love this sort of thrill.  During the Dew Tour, for instance, Bucky Lasek road the Extreme Zip Lines, with absolutely no fear.  Watch the video here!  But for those who aren’t professional thrill seekers, it is rumored that a red backpack exists.  Its sole function is to save those who may make it through one of the zip stations, but cannot complete the mission.  But be forewarned, if it is used, you may find yourself wearing the red backpack, on a poster for what not to do.

For more information on the biggest thrill at the beach visit Jolly Roger.