Haunted Halloween Trail

Frontier Town—the popular western themed park and rodeo operational in the summer months, is about to turn delightfully ghoulish!  Beginning this weekend, the wooded area around the park is turning into a Haunted Halloween Trail known as “FrontFear Town.”

The haunted trail is open to the public for a small $2 fee.  Locals line up and see if you can make it the entire way through the trail.  It begins at the entrance to the Wild West Show. 

Wooded areas at night are creepy to begin with.  This particular area is very old, land grants were issued here in the 1600’s, with working plantations popping up in the 1700’s, and long before that, Indians walked the forests—and maybe they still do!  There’s enough local folklore to up the ante in the scare factor–add in giant spider webs and some undead residents jumping out of the bushes, and it’s a recipe for a certain adrenaline rush!

For those camping at Frontier Town, the park offers pumpkin decorating contests, trick-or treating, adult dances and more.  Only the Haunted Trail is open to the public.

Festivities begin this weekend, and run every Saturday following through Halloween. The events are part of the campground’s annual Spooks and Spirits Weekend.

The Haunted Trail is from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Public fee is $2.

Frontier Town is located on rt. 611, the road to Assateague Island.

Casting Call

Do you love Halloween, and happen to have some acting chops, or talent with a make-up brush?  Frontier Town is looking for actors and make-up artists to act and work on various horror scenes in the haunted trail.

The trail is every Saturday October 15th, 22nd, and 29th

You may select only one night to perform, or all three.

Casting call is this Saturday, October 15th at noon, at Frontier Town, rt. 611.

For additional info, contact Kate at (410) 490-1516.