We all have them—they usually come in the form of that special thing you may have received as a gift or purchased yourself, and can’t live without. If I love something I will wear it to death. If there is a favorite song of mine, I will listen to it on repeat until I actually hate it.  I have been this way my whole life. This is a funny thing since I love to experience, and buy new things (handbags and shoes). Sometimes I am more comfortable with what I already have, but of course I love having the option to add a new favorite, too.

I started thinking about what my obsessions are right now—favorite songs, favorite handbags, and favorite places. I think that there are things you can tell about a person by the items they love and what makes them happy. I’d like to share my top 10 favorite things that I love at the moment. Maybe you’ll enjoy them. I would love to know what your favorite things are as well—share with me in the comments section below…

Favorite Song of the Moment: Called out in the Dark by Snow Patrol- It makes me feel like at any moment things can change for the better. A great feeling.

Favorite Watch: My new La Mer leopard wrap bracelet watch that was a gift from my best friend, Jessica, who surprised me. It means so much to be thought of. This is available at South Moon Under.

Favorite Shoes: Sam Edelman ‘Louie Fringe’ bootie. I have been obsessed with these booties for a few months now and I have mentioned them before. They are so comfortable and they go with everything. I have them in black and tan. I actually like them so much that I want to buy another pair in black—just in case! You can also find them at South Moon Under.
Favorite perfume: Marc Jacob ‘Daisy’ – I truly love this. It has a very free spirited, flirtatious feel, with a sweet innocence. In fact I love it so much that I am totally running out and in need of a new bottle.
Favorite Restaurant: At the moment I am obsessed with ‘Liquid Assets‘ for so many reasons—one is my obsession with the Mango Martini. If you have not tried it yet, make it happen. It is so amazing! The food is always perfect and the service is really outstanding. They really know how to create a great atmosphere as well. Any place that you can eat while being surrounded by so many options of wine is the perfect place in my book.

Favorite Book: Forever and always is Wuthering Heights. I have read it about 50 times. It never gets old, and is a love story like no other. If you haven’t read it, then I suggest that you put this on your must read list right away.
Favorite Jacket: My leather motorcycle jacket is what I would describe as that thing in my wardrobe that I could never replace since it took me years to find the perfect one. If you don’t have this in your wardrobe I suggest you put this on your list to invest in. This is one of those pieces in your wardrobe that can instantly make any outfit (even those ones you are unsure about) chic and effortlessly cool. I love to wear a dressy dress and throw on a motorcycle jacket to make it seem a little understated.
Favorite Candy: It is the most simple and totally under rated; the original Hershey kiss. I have always loved them since I was a child and I have had some of the best chocolates out there but still for me the milk chocolate original is the perfect little chocolate treat. I stress the original because they keep trying to reinvent this little candy with updates. A friend of mine remembered I liked these and actually just bought me a jumbo bag so I am pretty stoked! Now, you can actually get these personalized—if you ask me, it’s the perfect way to tell someone that they rock.

Favorite Cliché: The ‘Grand Gesture’. This will never get old and I will continue to be obsessed with the idea that one day this grand gesture will change my life forever. Who even knows what this means but we have all seen enough movies to know that there is a moment that everything seems to be falling apart and then by this one gesture it all goes back to being perfect. This is why Withering Heights is my favorite book.
Favorite “It” thing of the moment:  Emi-Jay hair ties, not only are they the cutest hair ties that you have ever seen, but they also can double as cool BFF bracelets. I was just talking to my friend Kate about them and both of us keep buying them because we think they are going to disappear and we aren’t going to be able to find them.  I suggest you guys look into this because you will be obsessed, too.

Fashionably Yours,