Aging is inevitable, and while you can’t avoid it, you can look better while it’s happening! Think of yourself as a fine bottle of wine…it just get’s better with time. Well, that is if you take good care of your skin. It’s like the difference between a nice plump grape or a dehyrated raisin if you don’t.

I want to share with you, as an Esthetician, simple skin care tips that make a difference without taking drastic measures to improve the appearance of your skin. I cringe when I see some people who have changed their natural beauty. A face lift does nothing for improving the quality of your skin, it only pulls it tighter. The real difference happens when you use products and get treatments that repair the skin on the cellular level.

Home Care:

Always use active ingredients in your products. There are a lot of fillers in over-the-counter products, so they mostly sit on the surface of your skin. Salon products are micronized so they reach the cellular level. You may pay a little extra, but trust me it is well worth it. Topical vitamins such as A,C & E are main ingredients you want to have.

Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides are important too; these ingredients speed up the process of stimulating your collagen production so you have more elasticity in your skin. Think of aging skin as a rubber band that got stretched out–you want it to spring back. For renewal of dead skin cells, use acids such as alpha-hydroxy (from fruit), glycolic (from sugar), or you could use Retin A. These acids smooth the skin surface helping to diminish fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

Professional Treatments:

I provide Age Management Facial Treatments that vary, depending upon your skin type. Everyone has special needs so it would be advised to see me for a complimentary consultation and I will recommend what is best suited for you. It would usually start with a professional peel to renew your skin. This also allows treatment to penetrate better. I would then most likely suggest an “Extreme Rejuvenation,” which repairs on the cellular level, oxygenates and firms your skin.

One treatment does make a difference, but it’s like going to the gym, you need to maintain; in this case with follow up home care and monthly visits. If you really want to make a difference faster, you can do a series of mini services at a discount and book them closer together.

Feel free to stop by and consult with me if you have any questions. If you have never had a facial with me, you can save 50% off any service with until January 31st at Robin Walter Salon & Spa in Ocean Pines, MD. 410-208-2576.