There are many ways that learning Feng Shui can improve your life. As a Feng Shui Consultant, I have noticed life issues in homes before clients ever had a chance to mention the problems they were having. You see, your enviroment has a direct inlfuence on every part of your life. A consultation isn’t just about rearranging furniture for a better energy flow in your home. Based on the layout of your home, every section is related to a part of your life such as health, wealth, relationships etc. So if there is a specific problem in your life, these area’s would be ideal to fix first.

What you can expect from a consultation:

  • The very first part of the consultation is to educate you about this 5,000 year Chinese Art Of Placement.
  • You will learn how each section of your home relates to another part of your life so you can improve first what is most important to you.
  • How the arrangement of furniture creates more open space for a better energy flow.
  • Why you should clear your home of clutter and the real effect it has on various aspects of your life.
  • The meaning of colors and how they can enhance your life by using them in your home or office.
  • Inexpensive idea’s to create a more peaceful enviroment and a better life.

You will learn so many things that you will always remember, so even if you no longer wish to stay in your current home, you can apply while looking for a new home.

You can also learn how to stage a home that you are trying to sell.

Consultations are offered privately or I offer group parties in your home for 4 or more people. The price for a private consultation is $100. If you host a Feng Shui Party you get the class free but it is $30 per person for the class.

I have been a certified Consultant since 1999 trained under David Kennedy. If you would like to read more about Feng Shui I highly recommend his books.

You can contact me by calling 410-251-6977 or send an emailĀ  if you have any questions.