Search is getting a little more convenient. Google has launched Google Goggles and combines search with image recognition.

Open Google Goggles App, free for Android and iPhone, point your smartphone, snap a photo and let Google do it’s thing.

Google Goggles is still perfecting the app but currently the app does a great job providing information on landmarks, businesses, logos, artwork and two dimensional images.

On vacation and want to see a restaurant’s menu? Snap a photo of the sign or logo and check it out before you walk in.

Want to get a book review? Take a picture of the cover and read all about it.

In a store and need more product info or want to do some shopping comparisons? Scan the barcode and get product details and see pricing at other retailers

Need more info about a business? Just aim and click, all with your smartphone.

Out of the country and need some help with translations? Scan the text and Google Goggles will translate it for you.

All this and more… free from the Google Goggles app.

Some good uses of the app:

1. Famous landmarks
2. Books
3. DVDs
4. Artwork
5. Logos
6. Products
7. Businesses
8. Contact Info – scan business card to add people to your contacts
9. Scan barcodes and QR Codes
10. Translate text
11. Scan text

As good as it is, Google isn’t perfect on this one yet as the app does not work well scanning things like animals, cars, furniture and apparel. But, this is Google, afterall. You can count on improvements sooner than later.

Take photos and search, save and share with others. Photos can be saved in a search history for later viewing and easy access, or delete the images right away.

Overall, this gets the “Very Cool” seal of approval.

It’s free and it should be in your app library.

Get it? Got it? Good.

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Written by Ami Reist.