Have you ever been out running errands, dashing around town trying to take care of business or enjoying a night – when someone did something so nice – and that memory now sticks with you? Did someone hold the door for you when you had your hands full? Politely wave you past while sitting at a 4-way stop during rush hour? Let you pass them in line at the grocery store when you only have a few items and they have a full cart?  Help you carry your drinks from the bar to your table? 

These little plots of kindness might not seem like much while in the act but they really can make a difference to someone. Do an act of kindness, just for the sake of being kind, and pass it on… especially on Friday, April 6th.
Today has been named Random Acts of Kindness Day in Ocean City by the Mayor and the Council. Citizens are encouraged to perform random acts of kindness in observation of the day. Complete similar acts all year round, too. The city hopes that a day of kindness will boost overall morale amongst our town.
The Mayor’s proclamation offers examples of random acts of kindness, which include personally thanking a police officer, EMT, fireman or city employee for their service; sending a handwritten note or e-card to someone that has made a difference in your life; paying the tab for the person in line behind you, taking flowers to a hospital or nursing home, and more. The opportunity for kind acts is endless.
Random acts of kindness can inspire others to be kind as well.  By deliberately attempting to brighten someone else’s day, you can show others that they really count.  “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” once said Greek fabulist Aesop. Every act really does count.
A Council member said in a press release regarding the event recently, “This will be a day for the entire community to be challenged to do something kind for a friend or stranger for no reason – hopefully, we can keep this spirit going every day.”
The Mayor and Council voted to give town employees the day off on April 6th. Personnel who are scheduled to work today and cannot take off will be given another day off. Today is a paid holiday for many hard-working employees across town. 
Other kindness movements, like nationally-recognized Random Act of Kindness Week, aim to help everyone create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions.
Preform an act to assist or cheery up a friend, family member, coworker, or stranger today. If someone does something kind for you today, you see a stranger perform a kind act, or you complete an act of kindness, log onto Facebook and share what you participated in or witness on the Ocean City Kindness page. Another, OC Kindness, Facebook page also exists for the same purpose.
Happy Ocean City Kindness Day!