Spring is in full bloom, and at The Humphreys House we are discovering a whole new world of greenery. In our previous home, which was new construction, landscaping the property was a daunting task. There was a half-acre of topsoil laid over hard clay, turning to mud whenever it rained. It was a challenge to figure out which plants would work well and where. At The Humphreys House it has been such a treat to have so many established plants and groundcover.

From everything we have heard, Mary Humphrey was a lover of nature. With spring arriving early this year we have been pleasantly surprised by the number of bulbs popping up around the property, creating a natural border. Many around town knew of this home because of the overgrown boxwoods that took over the property. We have been able to cut them back and save them, now they are flourishing beautifully. Our neighbor told us this past weekend, that when they bought their home Mary sent them a handwritten letter, asking that they never cut back or remove the bluebells that share the property line and are now in full bloom. Daffodils, hydrangeas, flowering groundcover, evergreen shrubs and new herbs all blending in harmony. 

Warm weather inspires us to get outside and begin working on the upkeep and further beautifucation of the grounds. We are eager to learn about many of the plants already inhabiting our property and to add more to accentuate what is already established. Our previous home had many plants that were given to us by family and friends, and we hope to do the same here. To be planted this week are hostas from my parents along with a red maple and some ferns to adorn many of the shaded areas on the side yard. A piece of the large hydrangea from our hold home has also flourished in its new location. We will also be potting flowers to add color to much of the greenery. There are also many birds that seem to love this yard and we hope by adding some birdhouses we will be able to keep the nature, that Mary so loved, alive.

We are welcoming any information that those of you who are well versed in plants may be able to give us. If you know some of these plants, please feel free to email us any information, tips or planting suggestions! You can view the plants we have found and are adding below in the gallery.