Over 50 canvases covered in wet paint were tagged, sold, and carried out of the old Snow Hill Firehouse last weekend. The creations were made during  the 2012 plein air event and were only available for purchase during the Wet Paint Show & Sale on Sunday. Over 100 guests admired the wet paint while it was on display.

“53 paintings were sold! Most definitely a record that will be hard to beat,” said a representative from Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft on Facebook.
In all 8 years of the event, this year marks the largest amount of paintings sold. 
Artists and painters prepared for the event – some even participating in plein air workshops on Wednesday and Thursday – in preparation. Many of the artists arrived in Snow Hill on Thursday and Friday and immediately began scoping out prime painting spots. Some of the most popular subjects included historic buildings, lone trees, flowering gardens, and open fields. 
A record number of artists, 70 artists in total, churned out original pieces of all shapes and sizes. Most artists were present on Sunday for the 3-hour Wet Paint Show and Sale. The Old Firehouse on Green Street was packed – a line out the door and all. The Wet Paint Sale was the only opportunity for the community to purchase and enjoy the fine art produced over the weekend. 
Artists traveled from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to visit Snow Hill and take part in the event. Of course, many of our local artists participated as well. The Wet Paint Show is sponsored by Bishop’s Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft shop also located in downtown Snow Hill on Green Street.
Those interested in purchasing paintings could look, but not touch. All paintings were painted over the past 3 days using oils, acrylic, watercolor, or other paint types.
If you missed the event and would like to see more photos, check out the Bishops Stock Facebook Page or visit their website. Similar paintings of Snow Hill can be purchased at Bishops Stock.  For more information about the event, call 410-632-3555.
Check out the photos in the gallery below. All photos from the Bishops Stock Facebook page. Featured photo by Kim Abplanalp from Croppers Island.