When I am packing for a trip I always have trouble deciding what to bring. Part of the problem is that I find it difficult to know what I am going to feel like wearing a few days in advance, the other issue is I always buy something in my travels that I tend to like more then what I packed. Lately I have been sticking to a full proof packing plan of 5 key essentials that everyone should bring on any trip that you are planning.

These 5 essentials will get you through any travel crisis, and personally speaking, so far they have never let me down. All of these items can work together, but separately; they could save you from any wardrobe crisis!

1. Black Leggings– they are a wardrobe staple but when you are traveling they are a great item to have for many reasons, you may decide to take a last minute yoga class, indulge in a pedicure at your hotel spa, or you may have found the most amazing tunic while shopping that you want to wear right away! Black leggings can work for casual-comfy, or be a great sleek look with a great pair of knee boots!

(photo from southmoonunder.)

2. White T-Shirt– this is something you never want to leave home without. A great white t-shirt can work for an instant chic look paired with skinny jeans, and a great blazer. Or, the white T-shirt (make sure you have a good cut), can save you from a spill on a blouse you may be wearing. I had to swap a shirt I spilled coffee on once, and because I had my white t-shirt, I just threw that on with the black skirt I was wearing, added a colorful scarf, and still felt fashionable after my clumsy spill.

(photo from Alternative Apparel.)

3. Skinny Dark Denim– The key is making sure the wash is dark; I will always pack my skinny dark denim jeans no matter where I go! Denim goes with everything and dark denim works day to night! This is a staple in my suitcase!

(photo from J Brand.)

4. Army Green Surplus Jacket– this is a total celebrity favorite, paired with skinny jeans, or sophisticated cool over a girly dress, the neutral green gives a little edge to what I call a basic. The one I have is from Billabong and I bought this for under $50 and I have worn this jacket so much it has paid for itself. I always pack this because it is the perfect light-weight jacket for a chilly night, but it also goes with so much that it can double as a casual blazer.

(photo from Urban Outfitters.)

5. Nude Heels– I never leave home with out them! Because they are nude they go with everything! There is nothing they don’t work with and they can be an easy fix to a new dress you may have bought and are dying to wear!

(photo from Piperline.)

Remember, separately these wardrobe essentials will save you from stressing on your upcoming trip and they also all work together if needed…

I hope you find each of these things as helpful as I do!

Fashionably Yours,