Depending on how you use mirrors, you can deflect negative energy or encourage a more positive energy flow in your home or office space.

There are three types of mirrors:

1.) A concave mirror attracts good energy. It is also helpful to make the entry to your home more welcoming.

2.) A convex mirror diffuses negative energy by sending it away. Suppose you have a large tree or some other obstruction outside of your front door creating a blockage of energy coming in. You would want to then hang the convex mirror above your door.

3.) A flat mirror can brighten up a room that has very little sunlight .It is good Feng Shui to hang a mirror so you can reflect some pleasant scene from outside.

A good wealth tip is to place a mirror under a bowl of fruit. This magnifies abundance.

I would not advise a few places to hang mirrors:

 It is not suggested to hang mirrors across from or behind your bed. Mirrors can be stimulating and keep you from a good nights sleep. You could cover it with a sheet or blanket at night until you move it.

– Don’t hang a mirror that reflects clutter.

– Also you never want to hang a mirror that cuts off your head. This is not good chi.

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