The beach just isn’t complete without your favorite tunes – but who wants to risk drowning their iPod, getting sand in their speakers, or having your mobile player overheat while baking in the sunshine? No one. Because tunes on the beach are practically a necessity, SunnyLIFE has a solution.

SunnyLIFE Radio

SunnyLIFE, an eco-friendly and hip company from Australia, recently introduced the Beach Sounds Radio. This radio is the perfect was to take your tune with you to the beach, to the pool, or to any outdoor event.

The Beach Radio and speaker box is water and sand resistant. It is suitable for an iPod or iPhone. The radio requires 4 AA batteries. If your iPod or iPhone runs out of batter life mid-playlist, don’t fret, you’re won’t be without music for long. The SunnyLIFE also has an AM/FM radio. Tune into Irie Radio 98.1 if you’re in the Ocean City area!

A plastic cover snaps tightly around your handheld Apple product. A strap holds your device in place inside of the case. Your iPod or iPhone will be safe inside of the water-resistant cover. No need to worry, just go enjoy the beach lifestyle that Ocean City offers.

SunnyLIFE Beach Radios

The SunnyLIFE radio comes in many different colors.The balanced color palettes are eye-catching, meant to fit every personality while still providing a classic, retro, and timeless appeal. The radio is portable and made with durable recycled plastic.

The SunnyLIFE Beach radio is for sale in select stores throughout the Unites States and varies slightly in price. Below is a list of online stores that sell the SunnyLIFE:

The SunnyLIFE Beach Radio is the perfect choice for anyone on the go who wants to take their music with them – even to the beach! You ‘gotta have it!

Written by Ami Reist.