Last month, Google introduced Google+ Local, a crossbreed between Google Places and Google+. Google+ Local recently replaced Google Places, the listing by which business are represented in Google searches and maps. 

Business owners who used Google Places for their businesses can still access their Google Places page and dashboard. All Google Places information has been carried over to Google+ Local and now appears on a clean, uncluttered, and easy-to-use page. Business identities on Google can be expected to become more unified across all Google services like, Local, Maps, Search, and Mobile.
If you search for a business using Google+, their business’s basic information will appear in the left sidebar. The business’ location, hours of operation, a list of products, and directions will be displayed clearly also. Some business in the Ocean City area have had Frank Clark, a Google Trusted Photographer tour their facilities and photograph business interiors for a tour that displays on Google+ Local profiles.
Clark has been photographing businesses on the Eastern Shore. After a business sets up their free Google+ Local page they can schedule an appointment with a Google Trusted Photographer, have their space photographed, and relax as the photographer adds the photos to their Google+ Local page. These walkthroughs are vital advertising tools because a large majority of internet users rely on Google.
“Google is not just another website, it’s the website the entire world uses to find anything, everything and your thing, whether its coffee, clothing, spas, or comics,” said Clark.
Seacrets, Planet Maze, OC Parasail, and D3 Corp have all had walkthroughs completed, Google trusted photographs taken, and interior tours added to their Google+ Local profiles. To see their interior views, follow the links below and then click on the right-side bar of the Google+ Local page where it says, “See Inside”:
  • Seacrets: Seacrets tour includes both inside and outside of the Jamaican-themed Ocean CIty establishment. You can view all 17 bars, the restaurant area, the Red Bull tables in the bay, the Nightclub, and parking lot all from their Google+ Local page.
  • Planet Maze: The Planet Maze virtual tour allows you to check out the arcade games (so you'll know exactly where your favorite pinball machine is), walk right under the indoor climbing maze, and scope out the outdoor alien themed mini golf course.
  • OC Parasail: Their Google+ Local tour allows visitors to see what their 53rd Street Parasailing business (rigth next to Macky's Bayside Restaurant) looks like so you know exactly what to look for. You can even step aboard one of their docked parasail boats – all online.
  • D3 Corp: D3 Corp opened their doors to Frank Clark in early June. A tour was completed of their office in West Ocean City. Check out the home base for more than 30 web designers, graphic designers, print specialists, and social media experts in the region.
Business photo shoots only take about one hour, depending upon the size of your business, of course. The goal of a photo tour is to show customers what they would expect to see if they visited your business on any typical day. Photo tours are used to make business information more useful and accessible to users.
Clark said, “Because Google virtual look insides are linked to Google street views you will get tons of new looks just from customers checking out the business next door or down the street and casually clicking inside your front door from the comfort of their living room.”
The new, more intimate Google+ Local pages are intimate and inviting. Check out the above Ocean City businesses that have had Google Tours added to their new Google+ Local pages. Click through Google+ Local to see other local businesses that have added photos, videos, and tours to their pages, too.
All photos from individual Google+Local business pages.