Whee (child-like enthusiasm is NOT limited to the young)!  We’re heading south tonight to that quaint, little town on the Pocomoke River, Snow Hill, Maryland.  We plan to help celebrate the 1st Friday Art Stroll; a monthly event that began back in late 2003.  The Stroll is the brainchild of a most dynamic woman, Ann Coates, owner of Bishop’s Stock.

Bishop’s Stock, situated at the corner of Green and Bank Streets near the riverfront, is a most attractive gallery of fine art, crafts and wine.  The wine is a recent addition, and Bishop’s Stock offers those interested, in a membership to a monthly wine club.  In my opinion, it’s a most perfect mix featuring an ever-changing array of works by noted artists and exceptional wine finds.

I’ve been here before, but tonight is special. For September’s event, Bishop’s Stock is introducing a new show: the works of Maurice Spector. I had encountered Spector’s work online before, and it’s worth noting he is another ‘silver’. Spector’s work is a delight; inspired, well-executed paintings, wood carvings and stone sculptures with more than a touch of whimsy.  Which, in his case – matches my own!  Eye of the beholder and all that…

Artist, carver, sculptor…Maurice Spector talks with an attendee at Bishop’s Stock Fine Art, Craft & Wine gallery.

However, the Snow Hill 1st Friday Art Stroll is not limited to one featured location. Many of the shops, restaurants and galleries throughout town are open late for this special Friday evening event. Strolling along the sidewalk we came upon a sign advertising an evening Pocomoke River Cruise departing from the Pocomoke River Canoe Company. Alas, we were too late.  Drat.

We soon discovered more evidence of our ragged planning – The Palette restaurant was sold out for the evening.  Double Drat.  Nevertheless, some good news was just ahead – a sign telling of a shop named Miss Patti Cake was soon to open.  Photos of custom, very cleverly, decorated cakes adorned the shop window. And, further on, beyond some sidewalk vendors, a fun shop, Sassy Girl, offered a very welcome entrance display of pretty plants – further promise of the clever, pretties inside!

Since we literally missed the boat, and couldn’t partake of The Palette’s fine food, we decided it was time to leave.  Yet, never missing an opportunity to view the lovely Pocomoke River, we drove down by Sturgis Park. Lo and behold, we came across the cast and crew of the Brown Box Theatre, this year performing Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet, setting up the ‘set’ – a series of large, wooden, mobile forms and attendant lighting, for a public performance to be held later in the evening.

1st Friday in Snow Hill Maryland, though for us tonight a series of disappointments mixed with new discoveries, always offers an evening of pleasure to visitors…and, to be sure, we’ll be back next month to enjoy it all again!  Won’t you join us…?

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