Individuals along the East Coast are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Here in Ocean City, MD, many of us were incredibly fortunate to only experience flooding, fallen trees, downed branches, short power outages, and moderate rain or wind damage. Our thoughts are with that further north that experienced greater damage and are still in the process of recuperating from storm damage.

Because many of us spent the past few days straightening up after Sandy, Gotta Have This Stuff is featuring hand tools – digitalized. As we all know, smartphones can serve many, many purposes – have you thought about replacing a few things in your handy tool box with your phone? Check out our suggested apps below:

iHandy Tools offers a free downloadable level tool for iOS and Android users. The level looks similar to a traditional builder’s tool; a green bubble. The tool shows angles in degrees for easy usage. Use the ‘Hold’ button to lock the reading and refer back to it late. The iHandy Tool level is perfect for hanging photos, working on projects around the house, and measuring angles while working on construction projects. To learn more about the Level app, visit the Apple Store.

Flashlight for Androids claims to be the ‘brightest illuminator ever’. We like Flashlight because of its fast, no delay, startup and easy-to-use design. Flashlight must even be better than a real, hand held, traditional flashlight. This app also features a ‘strobe mode’ that uses the camera flash. Flashlight is free and available in Google Play.

Like Flashlight – but for iOS users. Torch is a simple, easy-to-use, free flashlight application. Torch turns your iPhone into a handy flashlight. Torch, created by SavySoda is available for download on their site: SavySoda.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Sandy.

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Written by Ami Reist.