You know that saying, “It’s far better to give than to receive”? Do you think it’s true? Salisbury, MD resident, Nikki Dennis believes it is.

Dennis created a unique local business that offers support to many local charities of the Eastern Shore. Causes of the Heart is a website devoted to promoting charitable events, creating awareness of philanthropic acts, and encouraging others to support their friends, families, communities, and those less fortunate.
In the past, Causes of the Heart and many enthusiasts have supported divisions of Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society, Girls Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay, Susan G. Komen events, and other causes and program.
Causes of the Heart is dedicated to helping other with day-to-day struggles, illnesses, difficult life issues, and hardships. We’ll do our best to encourage everyone and provide blessings and help to being in our neighborhoods and communities,” said Dennis.
This holiday season, Dennis and those active in Causes of the Heart are spreading some Christmas cheer throughout their communities by sharing Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. What is a Random Act of Christmas Kindness?
During December, Causes of the Heart is counting down the 25 days of Christmas by performing a Random Act of Kindness each day. This is the season for spreading love, joy and happiness. Starting December 1st and continuing until Christmas day, individuals can complete a RACK (Random Act of Christmas Kindness) and deliver a spirited surprise.
Dennis has created RACK kits, available for purchase in the Causes for the Heart online store later this week, that include 25 printed RACK cards, fancy tape, fun ribbon, and a list of possible RACK activities. Those participating can perform a good deed and then use the fancy tape or fun ribbon to fasten a kindness card to an object (or just deliver it by hand) so someone can find the kind treat later.

Check out a few ideas below:

Causes of the Heart - Ocean City, MD - Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Cards (RACKed)

The Causes of the Heart Random Acts of Kindness Cards say, “You’ve been ‘RACK’ed! This Christmas season, we are counting down the 25 days of Christmas by performing a Random Act of Kindness each day. You are special and we hope you enjoy this gift!”

Causes of the Heart - Random Acts of Kindness - Nikki Dennis

Leave some surprise sweets at a coworkers desk. They can enjoy the delicious candies during their workday.

Causes of the Heart - Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - Ami Reist

Stop by and visit a friend randomly. Take them a cup of their favorite hot beverage to warm their spirits on a cold December day. It’s sure to cheer them up.

Causes of the Heart - Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - RACK Cards

Deliver a pretty, red holiday flower to your neighbor. If they’re not home, leave it on their doorstep with a RACK card. Each time they look at the flower in their home during the holidays, they’ll think of the nice act and smile.

Causes of the Heart - Ocean City, Maryland - Random Acts of Kindness

Stop at a random soda or vending machine and leave a dollar and a RACK card for the next person to use the machine. Just image how surprised they’ll be when they discover that a stranger has left them the funds for their next drink or snack!

There are so many other awesome ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. Check out some examples below:

  • Put a quarter or two in a parking meter if you notice someone’s time has expired.
  • Go to the library and pay for a stranger’s past-due library charge.
  • Donate a toy to Toys 4 Tots.
  • Bring a baked treat to someone you see every morning (a crossing guard, mail man or woman, or security guard).
  • Donate your barely-worn clothing to a local charity.
  • Buy the person in line behind you at the coffee shop a cup of joe.
  • Pay the check for a family eating next to you in a restaurant.
  • Rake the leaves out of your neighbor’s yard or shovel their snowy driveway.
  • Pick up a few extra items at the grocery store and donate them to your local food bank.
  • Take used sheets, blankets and towels to your local humane society for the animals.
  • Send a holiday card to a stranger serving our county overseas.
Do you want to participate? RACK kits can be purchased online from Causes of the Heart for just $5 on December 1st. Participants are sure to make someone’s day as soon as they discover they’ve been had by a Random Act of Christmas Kindness.
“Life is better with a supportive friend and someone who cares. That’s what Causes of the Heart is all about.” said Dennis.
The goal this holiday season is to spread a little bit of holiday cheer and make someone’s day a little brighter. For more info about RACK cards, visit the Causes of the Heart website or find them on Facebook.
For more ideas about sharing kindness, check out some of the following bloggers that inspired Causes of the Heart and their Random Acts of Kindness campaign:

Visit Causes of the Heart on the web to learn more.

Photos by Ami Reist.