Wouldn’t you love to be able to check on your kids while you’re at work? Make sure your home still standing while you’re on vacation far from home? Check on your overly anxious pets to see what they’re destroying moments after leaving home? Simple home surveillance is an enticing idea. Have you thought about purchasing a surveillance camera for use at your home?

Dropcam recently introduced the latest HD do-it-yourself surveillance camera for just $149. Dropcam allows you to set up a camera and check on it from virtually anywhere. Equipped with DVR functions, sharing options, 2-way audio, and high definition viewing, the Dropcam is the perfect mid-range surveillance camera.

The camera (2 pieces; the camera and its stand) is about the size of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and can be firmly attached to a small metal base by movable hinges. You can forego the stand all together and use double-sided tape to attach the camera directly to a surface.

Dropcams don’t require batteries – but they do require being plugged in at all times. This makes hiding the camera a little difficult. The camera can be plugged in to any computer via a USB port. Connect the camera to a Wi-Fi network and within 5 seconds you’ll be able to view the camera’s footage. There is no waiting period before the camera starts streaming.

To view the Dropcam feed while on the go, just visit the Dropcam website, enter your username and password and check it out. Video quality isn’t the greatest (even though it is an HD device). Grainy and pixelated captures may occur. Simply enough, be sure to place the camera in a well-lit area, if possible, to prevent blurry or grainy photos.

Dropcam live feeds can be accessed and watched from any iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop, or PC. Dropcam is super simple and very reliable for a middle-range, low-priced surveillance camera.

For product specs, photos, and reviews, visit Amazon. For more information or to purchase a Dropcam, visit the company’s website: Dropcam.

Written by Ami Reist.