It’s safe to say that we’ve all hit that moment of panic when we realize the battery life on our smartphones are rapidly fading. Once you’re in the red, you begin frantically looking for a public outlet to plug into, or even worse, a battery charger to borrow, beg or steal from the nearest person. As annoying as it is, smartphones rarely make it through an entire day without needing a little juice. Enter the Morphie Juice Packs.

The Mophie Juice Pack battery cases boast power, protection and style, through a variety of charging cases for any number of products, including the iPhone(yes, that includes the iPhone 5), Galaxy SIII and HTC One. The thin case doubles as both protection and as a method for increasing the battery life of your smartphone. In fact, the Morphie Juice Packs can extend the life of your phone’s native battery by up to 120 percent. So how does it work? Simply slide the phone into the case and the connector at the bottom connects your phone to the case. It’s that easy. The streamlined design keeps your smartphone sleek, cutting down on bulk and maintaining access to any ports and antennae, which allows you to charge both the case and the phone with a USB port. Prices start at $79.95 – Morphie Juice Packs and accessories can be purchased at