Papa Grande’s restaurant in Fenwick Island kicks yo’mama’s Mexican up a notch or two with a blend of Cuban, traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex all rolled into one. Throw in SPAM and scrapple tacos, and … you get the idea. Read more about Papa Grande’s at Like wine? (Now there’s a silly question!) Catherine Hester, co-owner of Teller Wines on Savannah Avenue in Lewes takes the grape very seriously. Read more about her travels, food pairings and favorite vintages at Chasing The Grape. Warren Rosenfeld invites you to “Fill your belly at our Jewish Deli,” and you can do just that at Rosenfeld’s in Ocean City. Crunchy half-done pickles and silky chopped liver will make your bubbe proud. Savor the guilt and check out the Rehoboth Foodie’s review of Rosenfelds at

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