Stow, the customizable packing list app for travelers, is the latest app we’ve gotta have to make our lives a little easier. Stow makes packing lists simple and less time consuming by allowing you to quickly create and customize your list from a template. If you’re a regular traveler, you can even create your own templates.

Simply select the type of trip you are going on or create your own – camping, beach, city, golf, etc…As you prep for your trip, you can add your items and then check them off of your list. Stow is all about smart packing, allowing you to auto adjust to your trip dates and the people you’re packing for. Even better, Stow’s ‘pack for weather’ feature helps you find the right clothes for the right weather conditions. Stow even offers the option to Stow for a Day, for day trips or long days away from the house where you know you’ve have a lot to take with you.

If you’re traveling with others, Stow gives you the option to e-mail your list to your spouse, friends, or the rest of your traveling group. Or save the list for future trips. Save your morning routine as a template to help you get out the door each morning. Stow is available now at or at the App Store.