The countdown is well on its way with Christmas just a little over two weeks away. If you’re into the ‘buy local,’ support small business movement – and why wouldn’t you be? – Fenwick Wine Cellars may have the perfect gift to complete your list. Their special edition Tree Bottles, in the shape of – you guessed it – Christmas trees are fitting for a hostess gift, or for that special someone on your list. Gifting these bottles makes a statement – you’re unique, festive, and fun; and so is the person you’re giving them to.

There are three festive shades to choose from: Green Tree, Red Tree, and White Tree, and each feature one of the winery’s best selling varietals. Green Tree houses Niagara, a sweet white wine. Red Tree holds Reilly’s Red, a dry red made from the Lemberger grape, with fruity flavors and a buttery pepper finish. White Tree features Riesling, a semi-dry white with flavors of honey and apricots – different from the dessert-style Rieslings some may be used to. This version is dryer, making it a perfect compliment to many dishes.

Each holiday commemorative bottle sells for $24.99, but regular case discounts do apply. A half case discount (6 bottles) is 5% off. A full case discount (12 bottles) is 15% off. Fenwick Wine Cellars cautions there are limited quantities, and once the bottles are sold out, there will not be any more produced this year. In fact, all of the specialty bottles, including the Holiday Trees and very popular Lighthouse bottles featured at Fenwick Wine Cellars have been enormous hits. And according to Manager Katie Connolly, most even sell out before they are available in the showroom.

“We purchased extra tree bottles this year to try and help accommodate the demand. This has been helpful, but we are now getting limited on what we have left as the holidays are approaching,” furthered Connolly.

The Tree Bottles are only available for purchase at the winery’s Selbyville location. However, patrons may reserve the Tree Bottles in advance of their visit to ensure availability. These orders may be placed to Fenwick Wine Cellars over the phone and paid for by credit card by calling 302.436.1500.

The appeal of the Tree Bottles doesn’t stop when you reach the last drop at the bottom. Unlike most regular bottles that find their final resting place in the recycling bin, the Tree Bottles can turn into decorations.

“Customers can bring the bottle back after they’ve enjoyed the wine and we have a couple who will drill a hole in the back of the bottle, put lights in it and top it off with a beautiful star for just $10, “ explained Connelly.

There you have it, a beautiful gift sold at a local small business that can also be up-cycled; truly a gift that keeps on giving.

For more information find Fenwick Wine Cellars on Facebook.