Technology trends aren’t always up to speed on the Eastern Shore. Like it or not, we are often a few steps behind the larger cities, but nonetheless, we catch on eventually. Podcasts have been on the forefront of online entertainment for quite some time now, and thanks to the combined creative forces of two locals, Ocean City now has bragging rights to its own weekly podcast, The Zach Hall Show.

For those of you not familiar with what a podcast is (its ok, we just caught on to this phenomenon recently ourselves), it’s essentially audio broadcasting on the internet. An internet talk-radio show so to speak. So why not just listen to talk radio you ask? Zach Hall (yes the Zach Hall) sat down with us this week to explain the appeal of podcasts, why he and he best friend decided to start their own, and what to expect from the future of The Zach Hall Show.

“Podcasts are much more accessible,” explained Hall. “You can put it on your phone, listen to it for a while, pause it and then get back to it whenever you’re ready.” Podcasts are essentially a modern day talk radio, but rather than being locked into a particular listening time, you have the freedom to listen whenever and wherever. In fact, many talk radio stations now offer their daily shows as podcast downloads after going live.

Hall, an Ocean City local and Stephen Decatur graduate, first caught wind of podcasts while making the two hour drive to and from college in Chestertown, MD. “Music is all good and fun but eventually I found myself looking for other things to listen to,” said Hall. After stumbling upon a West Coast based surfing podcast, Hall’s interests were peaked. The Adam Corolla Show, Ace on the House, Tell ‘Em Steve Dave and SModcast are a few of Hall’s current favorite podcasts, which serve as inspiration for his own shows, which also strive to be organic in nature. “We have no script at all,” explained Hall. “I have a very, very loose outline that we follow but if topics pop up tangentially we like to let that happen too. And that is really what we try to do each week…just let it go where it goes.”

While Hall serves as the front man for the weekly podcast, Kong Dong is behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. Hall and Dong grew up in Ocean City together and attended the same TriPicBWcollege, Washington College, where they learned many of the basic skills in media, sound and recording that they are applying to their weekly podcast. “Kong is a wizard with all the tech stuff,” said Hall. “I am basically just the talent and he literally does everything else.”

The first episode hit the airwaves just two weeks ago, with local musician Blake Haley starring as the first guest. Week two hosted Jake Mitrecic, who is currently managing his father’s, Joe Mitrecic, campaign for County Commissioner. Beyond weekly guests, The Zach Hall Show also showcases a few regular segment pieces including: Tinderella Story, Swedish MeatNews, The Weekly Top 10, and What’s Happening. The eclectic mix is exactly what Hall and Dong are aiming for. Humor, current events, off-the-wall topics, internet trends, sports…you name it, The Zach Hall Show will be discussing it. Think of it as your Twitter, Reddit or Tumblr feed all wrapped up in audio form. “If we can provide that service to people then great, that’s what we’re here for…pushing the envelope…in a fun way,” explained Hall.

While they are still in the preliminary stages of podcasting, Hall noted that one of the best decisions they have made so far is investing in the proper equipment, which has resulted in not just solid sound quality, but also mobility. “We are using dynamic mics so we can be mobile. We are essentially a mobile podcast unit.” As a result, recording can be done pretty much anywhere. As for the future of the show, live music, surprise guests, on-site event podcasts and more are on the way. Also on the horizon is a push to expand their web hosting space, which would provide more shows and greater live capability. That’s where the listeners can be of assistance…

Currently, The Zach Hall Show is relying solely on donations to run their operations. Hall explained that $1 donations can be made through their website. Any money donated will be going towards increasing web hosting, marketing and advertising.

Besides delivering creative on-air content each week, Hall is focused mainly on spreading the word and gaining momentum. “The response has been really great so far. We’re on top of our creative game but it’s about getting people to listen and to commit to following the podcast.” Listening and following is easy, he explained. The best place to access The Zach Hall Show is through their website or through iTunes. Downloading the show is free. Once you follow the podcast on iTunes it automatically updates each week when the new show airs on Fridays at noon. It’s as simple as that. For updates, check out The Zach Hall Show Facebook page or follow Hall on Twitter @hallandboats. Donations can also be made via the website through PayPal.