Downton Abbey fans will be privy to a special treat over the next ten months, as the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware presents their newest exhibition, Costumes of Donwton Abbey. The exhibition will run from this Saturday, March 1, through January 4, 2015. 40 historically inspired costumes from the television show will be on display, giving museum patrons the rare opportunity to feel as if they are a part of life at Downton.

“The show looks great and we are all very excited about Saturday’s opening,” said museum Communications Assistant Remi Poindexter this week, who also provided us with a preview of the show by passing along a collection of photographs of the exhibit:

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The show will also be supplemented with photographs and vignettes inspired by the series and by real life at Winterthur. Winterthur will also host a number of opportunities to learn and interact with the exhibition, including a wide range of lectures, workshops and events. Timed tickets are required and can be purchased online at www.wineterthur.og.

Wineterthur is a premier museum of American decorative arts, reflecting early America, as well as, the time that the du Pont family spent their. The 60-acre garden and research library make it a place of beauty, history and learning for all.