Sometimes we at ShoreBread like to revisit our old stomping grounds and recently we ended up back on the campus at Salisbury University. Strolling around campus, we had ample time to reminisce about college life and also to visit some new attractions at SU. It’s safe to say that there is more to do on campus than just attend classes.

Electronic Gallery

Located in the Teachers Education and Technology Center (TETC), the Electronic Gallery showcases different forms of art by a selection esteemed of artists. Most recently, the gallery displayed art by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy. These artists collaborated on an exhibit delving into memory and consciousness through their interactive displays. The McCoys have also had work displayed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art and internationally as well. The gallery also offers chances to speak with the featured artists about their work with close and personal lectures and interviews.

Franklin P. Perdue Museum of Business and Entrepreneurship

We all know about Perdue chicken, or at least how it tastes, but have you seen the family business plans of the famous poultry enterprise? The small museum is located inside the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business and gives visitors insight into the philosophy of the Perdue company as well as the business plans that have been passed down for three generations. The museum offers many interactive videos as well as graphics and artifacts about the Eastern Shore enterprise and how it has adapted to change over time.

University Gallery

For a more traditional art tour, we suggest a walk through the University Gallery in Fulton Hall. Of course, the last exhibit had artwork literally painted on to the wall… so maybe it’s not the most traditional art space. Either way, this gallery showcases beautiful pieces by both professional and student artists that you will want to take a peek at. The next exhibit is the Senior Showcase, make sure you don’t miss it!

Arboretum Tour

Did you know that Salisbury’s campus is also a tree museum, better known as an arboretum? That’s right, it is home to some very unique plant life from all over the world and some of Maryland’s largest trees! Luckily, visitors can take advantage of the natural beauty by following a brochure found on Salisbury’s website and go tree to tree. Each tree is marked with a special tag denoting its name and species. We suggest using this tour as a retreat into the wilderness and lose ourselves amidst the beautiful flora and statues that adorn the campus.

Concerts and Plays

There is also a wide range of concert and speaker events that take place in Holloway Hall or Fulton’s Theatre. Catch student plays, dance shows, classical and modern concerts as well as lecture presentations and comedian performances. Whew! You better hold on to your seat in the auditorium there will be so much entertainment coming your way!

Of course there are always activities like attending a football or lacrosse game, strolling along the campus walkways or playing a game of Frisbee on the lawn. We even enjoyed watching the recent demolition process of the Caruthers building…make way for the new library!