The deluge that we are supposed to experience over the next 48 hours may be frustrating when all we want to see is sunny skies but it makes for ideal conditions for the annual Man Meets Mud event this Saturday, May 3 in Pocomoke. Hailed as the Eastern Shore’s Dirtiest 5k, the mud run challenges participants with an obstacle course entrenched in mud, mud, and more mud.

“This ain’t your mama’s 5k” proclaims race organizers, and with costumes, mud, obstacles and racing, they aren’t kidding. The race is a 5k, 3.1 mile run. The course includes over 20 obstacles that are designed to immerse you in the mud while pushing your physical limits. All obstacles are optional to ensure safety but rumor has it the real fun is getting as muddy as possible. Rain or shine? Of course! Rain only enhances the experience.

The race is for all ages, so bring the whole family out for the event. Each race occurs in “waves,” with waves beginning at 11am and continuing every half hour until 4pm. Participants are encouraged to arrive at least a half hour prior to your wave start time. Individuals can participate but teams are encouraged and are made up of 5 or more people. Also encouraged as costumes, so grab some friends and dress to impress.

There’s more than just racing to consider, the event also includes Trader’s famous chicken breast sandwiches as well as hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, sodas and beer. Live entertainment will be provided by the Time Police and Mule Train.

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