Taking a detour from the norm on our Eastern Shore Wine Trail, we stumbled upon a winery that is not located in a remote location! This one is situated in one of the great little sea-side towns of the Eastern Shore, St. Michaels, making it an easy destination to visit. Just walk up the steps on Talbot Street and enter a world of colonial charm and great wine at St. Michaels Winery.

Mark Emon started his winery in 2005 with the help of his family and friends. Emon had always had a passion for wine but it was the birth of his son and Emon’s hope to raise him in a small town that initiated the family’s move to the Eastern Shore. Once here, Emon set out to create his own business.

Soon St. Michaels winery began producing not only great tasting, locally-minded wine (local fruit is used in all of their whites and dry reds) but award winning wine as well. In fact, St. Michaels winery has bragging rights to a Gold medal “Martha” Chambourcin 2008, a Silver medal for Island Belle Sangiovese 2008, Best in Class for their 2009 St. Michaels white, and a Bronze medal for Long Splice 2009 at the 2010 Maryland Governor’s Cup Awards.

Other favorites from the seaside venue include the MD Chardonnay which has notes of crisp apple and citrus, the Island Beauty which is a Bordeaux style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot giving the blend a smoky taste with blackberry and chocolate flavors, and the Oakey Dokey Chardonnay with crisp fruit flavors and more than a hint of smooth oak. Another line of wines that have become popular are the various Gollywobblers, fittingly named after the quadrilateral sail on a schooner. The Gollywobblers unique styles come in black, red, pink, white and a bubbly white. The only thing that they all have in common is their distinction as a sweet wine. St. Michaels Winery also offers a deliciously sinful Chocolate Zinfandel that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

These delectable wines are on sale at more than 450 stores and businesses between Maryland, Delaware and their online customers who span 15 states, including Alaska. Back on the Eastern Shore, you can also visit their tasting room which is housed in a renovated 19th century warehouse/boatbuilder’s shop, giving the location a vintage feel. However, this is not where the vineyards are located. Instead, St. Michaels grapes are grown in Wye Mills and Federalsburg. Nonetheless the tasting room is still a great place to host events like ladies nights, fundraisers and enjoy live music.

On each classily designed bottle of Emon’s wine, a log canoe floats in a circle of ripples. This mascot for the winery is unique to St. Michaels since it is one of the only places you can still see boaters sailing on these vessels. Like the boat, St. Micheals wine is a unique aspect of our shore.